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Gastric Protection

Proteins, plant extracts, enzymes, probiotics

Protecting an active during the transition through the stomach is crucial to maximise absorption in the lower intestines. The highly acidic environment coupled with presence of digestive enzymes act together to deactivate actives. Not only are the protected actives able to retain their structure (proteins) or activity (enzymes), they are also delivered intact to the intestine. Bioavailability increases and the maximum health benefit is delivered.


Enzyme X is used to treat ailments in young farm animals. In adult farm animals, Enzyme X is not as effective due to the low pH environment and enzymes present in the fully developed stomach. In vitro studies show that encapsulation protects Enzyme X in simulated gastric environment which suggests that Enzyme X will be able to retain its activity during its transition through the stomach. This opens up potential treatment for ailments in adult animals and humans.