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Taste masking

Protein, plant extract, pharmaceuticals, chemical Taste masking helps in increasing the palatability of bitter actives such as pharmaceuticals and polyphenols. The Progel technology has been proven in animal models. Bitter drug A is usually administered in the animal feed. However, uptake can vary between species due to the bitter taste. Bitter drug A was encapsulated […]

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Gastric Protection

Proteins, plant extracts, enzymes, probiotics Protecting an active during the transition through the stomach is crucial to maximise absorption in the lower intestines. The highly acidic environment coupled with presence of digestive enzymes act together to deactivate actives. Not only are the protected actives able to retain their structure (proteins) or activity (enzymes), they are […]

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Controlled intestinal release

Proteins, plant extracts, enzymes, lipids, pharmaceuticals, probiotics In response to elevated pH conditions, similar to intestinal conditions, the alginate microgels swells and starts to disintegrate. This initiates the release of active from within the microgels. How quickly the contents are release can be modulated by the concentration of calcium used to gel the microgels. The […]

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